Even if school administrators and steering committees initiate the majority of school development projects due to their role: There is no "innovation monopoly" - it is quite the opposite.

All members of the school community – teachers, students, parents,... – can be initiators of an innovation project. What counts is the motivation and energy for the topic, the desire to solve a problem, which makes us become active. In the innovationhub.school there are good examples of projects: the initiative of a district student council, which, together with some teachers, investigated the question of how learning could be made more realistic. Or the parents' council of an elementary school, which actively engages in project days and contributes its own ideas and activities.

"There is no monopoly on innovation."

It's important that it's about topics in which you have a certain scope for action or even a say. After all: Innovation means taking action yourself. And in any case, it is advisable to consider who from the school community should be on board, at least sympathetic to the initiative. Individual members of the school administration could take on the role of "project sponsor" (and that has nothing to do with budget ;-)). 

If you want to start your innovation journey, you can start by filling out this questionnaire.

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