In conversation with Markus Wagner, deputy principal of the Raiffeisen-Campus, Dernbach:

Markus, you were already one of the pilot schools of the What is needed for innovative school development?

In the densely packed daily school life, which frequently pushes teachers to the limit of being overloaded, there is often not enough time and energy to be able to consistently pursue innovative school development. Many great ideas come up, but they are not implemented, also out of fear of possible resistance from the teaching staff or the school community.

That's why the first thing to do is to create a space of trust in which colleagues feel comfortable and can also switch off from everyday life for a while. Only in such an environment ideas for new things can emerge as well as the will to actively participate in testing and implementation.

How important is support in this process?

Open, non-judgmental support from the outside, which sometimes holds up a mirror to us and helps us to leave our "systemic prison", brings extreme added value, especially if it simultaneously leaves the energy within the team and respects its pace.

What will tools and networking bring?

The tools help to structure and pace the innovation process, which is important to hang on, especially in the busy school day. The regular community calls with the other schools that have set out on the journey create commitment and allow people to share ideas on similar process and content issues as well as receiving fresh perspectives.


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